Kory Strader

President and Founder

Mr. Strader founded KBS Earthworks in 2003 and has been a driving force in the success and outstanding reputation of the business. He continues to be a strong team player, serving the company with construction management and project estimating for large-scale projects. Mr. Strader is responsible for all field operations and has received recognition for competency and timely completion of multiple stream restoration projects in excess of 75,000 LF. In addition to his stream and wetland restoration experience, he has extensive involvement in grading, excavation, stormwater control/BMP, pond construction and repair and various other environmental remediation services. Mr. Strader is a knowledgeable and effective leader who is respected both inside and outside the company.

Professional Qualifications:

  • Certificate: Stream Restoration, North Carolina State University
  • Certificate: Erosion & Sediment, Control North Carolina State University
  • Certificate: Stormwater Installer, North Carolina State University


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