King Branch Stream Restoration – Summerville, SC. 

October, 2014

Restored & excavated 13,000 cubic yards of soil for new stream & wetlands.

Cane Creek Stream Restoration – Snow Camp, NC.

June, 2014

Restored 6,239 LF & installed three permanent stream crossings.

St. Clair Stream Restoration – Bath, NC.

March, 2014

Wetland mitigation/restoration of 3,772 LF, and installation of 36″ RCP pipe for stream crossing.

Raven Transport Site Remediation – Greensboro, NC

November, 2013 

Excavation, removal and disposal of 3,058.46 tons contaminated soil and underground storage tanks.

Thomas Tire Site Remediation – Lexington, NC

May, 2014

Excavation, removal and disposal of 93.02 tons contaminated soil and underground storage tanks.

Brown Creek Stream Restoration – Wadesboro, NC

March 2015

Restored 4,437 LF, installation of two stream crossings, & installation of 7,400 LF DOT woven wire fencing.

Rehobeth Church Road Stream Restoration – Greensboro, NC

December, 2013

Bank stabilization and slope repairs using in stream structures.

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