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KBS Earthworks is dedicated to providing high quality environmental services. Since our inception, we have invested a great deal in this area of our business, ensuring every restoration job is beneficial for years to come. These projects are often complex and require close collaboration with construction and engineering firms, or other development agencies. Our team is positioned to handle every aspect of stream and wetland restoration. We consider it both challenging and rewarding to help achieve cleaner water, better habitats for wildlife and lasting stability in nature.

KBS offers the following environmental services:

Stream Restoration

We construct projects that repair streams and creeks that have been damaged by development, erosion or some other natural process.  

Wetland Mitigation

Our projects restore natural wetlands and mitigate where damage has been done.

Bioretention Ponds

Also known as bioretention basins, these ponds can filter pollutants in stormwater runoff, ultimately allowing for cleaner water.

Environmental Cleanup

When an environmental catastrophe occurs, we work quickly and efficiently to minimize the effects.

Restoration and Soil Remediation

If there has been contamination, we can remove affected soil and remediate the site to health.

Underground Storage Tank Removal (UST & AGST)

By removing underground storage tanks properly, we help protect the public and the environment from hazardous substances.

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